of love, and more {index}

just realised i’m so, so good at making irrelevant post titles, i can’t even myself

attn: this master post shall help you navigate this hot mess of a blog. occasionally updated, i hope you find whatever you’re looking for! my contact details can be found at the bottom of the page, or on the about tab (top right hand corner).

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when walls
no longer stops the sobs
when doors
no longer blocks the angry mobs

what do i see
the bond, slowly,
falling apart

what do i feel
the hate, slowly,
eating away

it laughs
it dominates
this two-storeyed nest

every new year’s
every visit from the in-laws
every time
you disagree over

what do i feel
that one
spark to ignition
to wilderness
to hell

what do i see
the earth where
the fire thrives
not water
nor the sea

and i don’t do anything
not because i don’t want to
because i can’t

even if i’m the sea
even if i’m the spark
i am still


on simple acts of kindness.

Realised that the year is ending in 3 days, and there are lot’s of things we need to wrap up before it does.

Surprisingly, one can encounter things of opposite nature in such a short time period. The following occurred within the same hour.


Was on the LRT, aka the Kuala Lumpur version of subway, metro, whatever you want to call it. Don’t know if it’s just me or a non-Malaysian thing but people taking it hardly ever moves into the inside of the train? They just crowd around the doors even though their stops are 5, 8 after and there is a considerable amount of time that they’ll spend blocking the doors from people who are actually getting off when they could as well move towards the inner parts of the train carriage and even get a seat? Continue reading “on simple acts of kindness.”


*have been getting a lot of hits on the UWC posts recently, and I’d like to wish all of you best of luck with your application. once again please don’t hesitate to ask me questions, as my app journey was quite unorthodox so hopefully I’d be able to help,

but just thought that I’d post an update, as I felt like I’ve been neglecting this spot lately. this monthly log was inspired by Odette‘s October log, which was amazing and full of writer’s grace (*definitely worth a follow and read!!!)

2 Nov – just got back from GAP, the trip my school sends everyone from 9th to 11th grade to for a week abroad. It’s usually one of the south east asian countries. We go without our phones Continue reading “november”

the beginning of the end: a UWC Summary

Hello people 😀 So I’ve been back to school and suffered for a while but just 2 days ago (when this post was scheduled :’) ) was the move-in day for the UWC I’ve applied to, and personally I felt like I did not exactly put an end, a proper closing to my UWC applications and this ‘series’, so here I am. If you’re in a hurry, scroll down for my resources list to see if they help!!! If you’re new please read on because you’ll never know, this might be an opportunity for you just like how it was for me, and if you’re seeking for my UWC application guide as well as my UWC diaries (they were written during and through out my application process so this is where my thoughts went – and hopefully they would not only be informative but entertaining as well) they are linked but obviously feel free to stay and read on!

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